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Shanghai Mesh Automation Industry Corporation

Shanghai Mesh Automation Industry Corporation was founded in 2005 and located in Caohejing Hi-tech park, Songjiang, Shanghai. We are the agent and partner of many international brands in China.

- Peters (deutsch connector, proximity switch, pressure sensor and valves)

- Meister (rotameter, flow switch)

- Schneider Electric Schneider (valve actuator, frequency converter)

- Test Industry / Bimal (Test bench)

- World magnetics / designflex (micro differential pressure switch)

- Sensys (pressure sensor, temperature sensor)

- Variohm (pressure sensor, temperature sensor, position sensor)

- H-C-S (proportional amplifier)

- Corerock (pressure switch)

- Gicar (flowmeter)

- Spartan (solenoid valve)

- Canfield (connector, proximity switch)

- Polo (quick connector)

- Horton (cooling fan, clutch and controller)

- Layher (pressure switch), etc;

We are working on different applications, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial automation, combustion control, food machinery, Motor sports,etc. We have a professional technical support team and localized inventory, committed to providing advanced products and services to our customers.

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    Mesh Automation Industry Corporation


    · Widely used in flow measurement and monitoring system.
    · compact in structure,Easy to install and maintain.
    · Reliable quality,Long service life and stable performance.



    Mesh Automation Industry Corporation

    Deutsch-Waterproof connector

    · Widely used in electronics, electrical, communications, transportation, and other fields
    · Excellent waterproof performance, preventing moisture, oil, dust, etc. from entering the connector interior
    · With excellent corrosion resistance, it can adapt to various harsh working environments


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