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Introduction and application of NTC

What does NTC Mean?

NTC is an acronym used with various definitions. When we are discussing NTCs we are referring to a type of temperature sensor; an NTC thermistor. In this instance, NTC defines as “Negative Temperature Coefficient”.

Thermistors measure temperature by measuring the resistance of the electrical energy passing through the thermistor which is relative to temperature. Negative Temperature Coefficient defines that as the resistance decreases the temperature increases and vice versa. Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistors are also available and conversely the resistance increases as the temperature increases.

An NTC thermistor is a very small temperature detecting device.  They are part of our product portfolio here at Variohm. They can be used as a “stand-alone” component or can be incorporated into differing housings to form bespoke temperature probes.

What is an NTC Thermistor used for?

NTC thermistors are very diverse and are therefore used in many different applications, for example:

Microwave Ovens and other domestic appliances use thermistors to ensure they don’t over-heat

Boilers – all boilers use thermistors to monitor the temperature

Digital thermometers – thermistors are used as the internal temperature sensing element

Manufacturing - NTC thermistors are used as circuit breakers in manufacturing facilities

HVAC applications - thermistors are used in various HVAC applications and appliances

3D Printers – NTC thermistors are used to ensure temperatures are regulated

Medical Applications – patient monitoring as well as device maintenance

Food handling – thermistors are used within food handing to ensure hygiene regulations can be monitored

Advantages of using an NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistors have many advantages which make them suitable for use in different industries and applications:

Highly sensitive

Well suited to small temperature ranges

Low cost making them cheap to replace

Fast response

Ease of use

Small in size

Customisation available

Highly compatible

Glass or epoxy coated

NTC Thermistors from Variohm

Thermistors have different resistance values to adapt to different applications and requirements. We have a wide selection of NTC thermistors. We Mesh-Automation is the agent of Variohm in China. If you need to consult NTC thermistor sensor, please contact us.