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Applications of WorldMagnetics switches

World Magnetics (DesignFlex) switch products are engineered and crafted at our global manufacturing facility and world headquarters located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

Introducing the Shock and Vibration Resistant, the DesignFlex PSF100A Pressure Switch Series is Approved for Military Applications.

World Magnetics is pleased to announce the approval of its DesignFlex PSF100A Pressure, Differential Pressure, and Vacuum switch to the latest Military shock and vibration standards (MIL-STD-167-1 & MIL-STD-901-D).

The Patented double-contact, double-diaphragm configuration makes this product unique in the pressure switch industry and offers a configuration which virtually eliminates false actuation.

Available with a wide range of set points from 0.5-50” H2O and excellent switch point tolerances, this switch has been the choice of military contractors since 1965. Due to its compact, lightweight design and ability to switch up to 30VDC at 40mA max, this switch is the perfect product to interface into PC’s, PLC’s or other logic circuits.

The PSF100A has a recognized Cage Code (0C579) and has successfully be used on military and commercial applications alike. From measuring airspeed of aircraft to sip & puff controllers of wheelchairs the PSF100A is the perfect choice for cost effective pressure detection in harsh environments.

Introducing the Ultra-Sensitive, Low-Range DesignFlex PSF102 Switch - Pressure, Vacuum, Differential.

A new range has been added to our PSF102 Series Pressure, Vacuum and Differential switch allowing us to now sense pressure or vacuum as low as 0.03” H20.



Medical Inhalers


Air Proving

Oxygen Concentrator

Liquid Level

Power Venting

Exhaust Fans

Filter Detection


Variety of low port (vacuum) and high port (pressure) options

Gold contact points

Long life - 20 million cycles

Case materials which are compatible with a host of mediums

Low Current (40 milliamps) Normally Open

SPST Normally Open

Small in size - 1 square inch

Light weight - less than 10 grams

WORLD MAGNETICS pressure/pressure differential switch models cover the PS100, PS160, PSF100A, PSF101, PSF102, PSF103, PSF109 series.Its small appearance, products can be used in UL, FDA food grade, extreme temperature and other extreme environments.NSF certification, international standards.It can measure ultra-low pressure, micro pressure, low pressure 0.25mbar.Maximum current 25A.